Karakteristik Penderita Faringitis Akut Di Poliklinik Tht Rumah Sakit Tk II Putri Hijau Kesdam I/Bukit Barisan Medan Tahun 2016

  • Habellio Novare Napitupulu Universitas Methodist Indonesia
  • Maartdiana Ibrahim Universitas Methodist Indonesia
  • Maestro Simanjuntak Universitas Methodist Indonesia
Keywords: Acute pharyngitis, characteristic, painful swallowing


Background : Acute pharyngitis is a throat inflammation caused by virus (40-60%), bacterial (5-40%), allergy, trauma, toxins and others. Transmission Acute pharyngitis occurs by nasal discharge and oral contact (droplet infections). The frequency of occurrence of pharyngitis is more common in children ages 3 to 15 years. Pharyngitis cases occur in school-age children of 15-30% and 10%  in adults. Based on National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey pharyngitis occurs in children as much as 6,2 – 9,7 million and 5 million in adults.

Methods : This research is a descriptive study with the study designed is cross sectional that assesses the characterictics of patients with acute pharyngitis at ENT Polyclinic of TK II Putri Hijau Kesdam I / Bukit Barisan Medan Hospital from January to December 2016. The results of this research have 84 samples that taken at random. From each samples the data is taken based on age, sex, occupation, main complaints, clinical symptoms and clinical signs.

Results : From 84 samples that analysis, age group 6-11 years is mostly that suffered of acute pharyngitis is 23 patients (27,3%), acute pharyngitis patients mostly men that is 44 patients (52,4%), acute pharyngitis patients occupation mostly as students that is 30 patients (35,7%), acute pharyngitis patients that their main complaint is mostly painful when swallowing that is 50 patients (59,5%), the clinical symptoms is mostly fever that is 40 patients (47,6%), and the clinical signs is mostly pharyngeal hyperemia that is 74 patients (88,1%)

Conclusion : Patients of acute pharyngitis is mostly suffered on age 6-11 years, mostly suffered by men, mostly suffered by students, with main compaint is mostly painful when swallowing, the clinical symptoms is mostly fever, and the clinical signs is mostly pharyngeal hyperemia.