Gambaran Penderita Sinusitis Maksilaris Kronis di Poliklinik THT Rumah Sakit TK II Putri Hijau Kesdam I/ BB Medan Tahun 2016

  • Maria Helena Aritonang Universitas Methodist Indonesia
  • Maartdiana Ibrahim Universitas Methodist Indonesia
  • Maestro Simanjuntak Universitas Methodist Indonesia
Keywords: Chronic maxillary sinusitis, the description, maxillary sinusitis patients


Background : Chronic maxillary sinusitis is a common disease that found in the medical practice even cause the health problem in the global level. Based on data issued by Health Ministry of Indonesian (2003) the nose and sinus disease is on the 25th rank of 50 main diseases or about 102.817 outpatients in hospitals. The purpose of this resereach is to find out the number of the chronic maxillary sinusitis patients  at Otolaryngology Polyclinic of TK II Putri Hijau Kesdam I/ BB Medan Hospital in 2016.

Methods :This research used the descriptive method and was conducted in the Medical Records at TK II Putri Hijau Kesdam I/BB Medan hospital since January 1,2016 until December 31, 2016. There werw eighty samples taken using the random sampling method. From each sample, patient’s age, gender, main complain, etiology, management and the affected part are examined

Results :From the eightly samples that were analyzed, based on the age of the patient, most of the chronic maxillary sinusitis patients were those at the age of 26-35 years old totaling 20 patients (25%). Based on gender most patient were female totaling 42 patients(52.5%). Based on the most common main complaint which was unpleasant smell of the mucopurulent secret totaling 30 patients (37.5%). Based on the most oftenetiology which was rhinogent totaling 67 people (83.75%). Based on th most desease management which was the concervative treatment totaling 64 people (80%). Based on the affected part the right and left part of the nose totaling 39 people(48.75%).

Conclusion : Based on this research it is concluded that chronic maxillary sinusitis patients were those at the age of 26-35 years old. The patients were mostly woman. The main complaint was unplaasant smell of the mucopurulent secret. The most often etiology was rhinogen. The most common disease management was concervative treatment. Lastly the affected part was the right and the left part.