Karakteristik Pengguna Shabu Pasien Rawat Inap Di Panti Sosial Pamardi Putra “Insaf” Lau Bakeri, Deli Serdang Periode Januari - Juni Tahun 2016

  • Yossan Harden Tambun Universitas Methodist Indonesia
  • Wilson Riau Universitas Methodist Indonesia
  • Donald F. Sitompul Universitas Methodist Indonesia
Keywords: Characteristics, Shabu User


Background: The drug refers to a group of compounds that generally have an addiction risk for its users. Personality factors tend to influence whether they will depend on a drug or not. Brains that feel inadequate and have dependent and passive properties are more likely to become dependent on drugs. The purpose of this research is to know Characteristic of Shabu Users of Inpatient Hospital at Pamardi Putra Social House "INSAF" Lau Bakeri, Deli Serdang from January to June 2016.

Methods: The type of research used is descriptive using cross sectional approach. The population of the study was the patient of shabu users who were hospitalized at Pamardi Putra Social Institution "INSAF“Lau Bakeri, Deli Serdang periode January -Juni year 2016. The sampling technique in this research is total sampling that is 87. Data collection is done by using secondary data Obtained from the medical record of Pamardi Putra "INSAF" Lau Bakeri is then recorded according to the variables studied. Data then analyzed by univariate analysis to know the frequency distribution of research variables.

Results: The results showed that the majority of respondents age> 29 years (46%), male majority (87%), high school majority (58% (66.7%) and the majority did not work 49 People (56.4%)

Conclusion: Most respondent characteristic in gender category are 87 people (100%).