Tingkat Pengetahuan, Sikap Dan Tindakan Siswa-Siswi Kelas XI IPA Tentang Tinea Kruris Di SMA Negeri 1 Kutalimbaru Tahun Ajaran 2016/2017

  • Frisca Sidabalok Universitas Methodist Indonesia
  • Kristo A. Nababan Universitas Methodist Indonesia
  • Eka Samuel P. Hutasoit Universitas Methodist Indonesia
Keywords: Tinea cruris, level of knowledge, attitudes, practices, gender and source of information


Background: Tinea cruris is one of the second most common dermatophytosis groups worldwide and is the most common dermatophytosis in Indonesia. Tinea cruris occur in adolescent boys. The purpose of this study is to determine the level of knowledge, attitudes, and practices the students of class XI Science about tinea cruris at SMA Negeri 1 Kutalimbaru academic year 2016/2017.

Methods: Descriptive study with cross sectional design. The research was conducted in June 2017 at SMA Negeri 1 Kutalimbaru. By using simple random sampling method, obtained sample of 57 respondents according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Data were collected using knowledge level questionnaire of 10 statements, 5 statements attitudes, and 5 statements practices.

Results: Of the 57 respondents, 6 respondent (10.5.%) have good level of knowledge about tinea cruris, 31 respondents (54.4%) have sufficient level of knowledge, and 20 respondents (35.2%) have less knowledge level, 49 respondents (86%) have good attitude about tinea cruris, 4 respondents (7%) have sufficient attitude and 4 respondents (7%) have bad attitude, 44 respondents (77.2%) have good practice about tinea cruris, 6 respondents (10.5%) have sufficient practice, and 7 respondents (12.3%) have bad practice.

Conclusion: The students of class XI Science at SMA Negeri 1 Kutalimbaru have less knowledge level,  good attitude, and  good practice about tinea kruris.