Tingkat Pengetahuan Masyarakat Tentang Demam Berdarah Dengue Dan Pencegahannya Di Kecamatan Medan Sunggal Tahun 2017

  • Yuliati Marbun Universitas Methodist Indonesia
  • A.A Depary Universitas Methodist Indonesia
  • Robert Silitonga Universitas Methodist Indonesia
Keywords: Dengue Hemoragic Fever, Knowledge, Prevention, Community, Medan Sunggal


Background:Dengye Hemoragic Fever (DHF) is an infection disease caused by dengue virus with clinical manifestasion like fever, muscle aches and joint pain. Dengue Hemoragic Fever is one of the public health problems in Indonesia where the number of sufferes tend to increase and the spread is wider.

Methods:The purpose of this study was to know the level of konowedge and its prevention about Dengue Hemoragic Fever in endemic areas of Medan Sunggal sub district in 2017. The research is descriptive reasearch with 100 samples. The sampling technique uses accidental sampling. This data were collected using questionnaires.

Results : the results of the researvch showe that 68 respondents (68%) had good knowledge, 25 of them (25%) had sufficient knowldege and  7 resspondents(7%) had insufficient knowledge.

Conclusion : Based on the results of the research, it can be concluded that (68%) of therespondents had good category level of knowledge (68%).