Gambaran Penderita Trauma Kepala Yang Di Rawat Inap Di RSUD Dr. Pirngadi Tahun 2016

  • Bobby D. Putra Pandiangan Universitas Methodist Indonesia
  • Batara Simangunsong Universitas Methodist Indonesia
  • Fitriani Lumongga Universitas Methodist Indonesia
Keywords: Head Trauma, Glasgow Coma Scale


Background: Head trauma is a damage to the head caused by an physical impact from the outside. Head trauma is the most frequent emergency in a hospital emergency unit.

Methods: Type of research used is descriptive research using secondary data from medical record General Hospital of Dr. Pirngadi Medan. There are 92 people as sampleĀ  was obtained with total sampling techniqueand have been processed manually

Results: Based on the research that has been done, gender of head trauma patients is at most common in men as many as 63 people, age of head trauma patients at most found at age 15 - 20 year counted 21 person, type of head trauma at most occurred were fractures as many as 65 people and Glasgow Coma Scale most commonly found was GCS 13-15 as many as 57 people.

Conclusion: Based on this researched, it can be concluded that head trauma sufferers more common in men, at age 15-20 years, more experienced type of head trauma is fracture with Glasgow Coma Scale score 13 - 15