Gambaran Ansietas Pada Penderita Penyakit Paru Obstruktif Kronik (PPOK) Rawat Jalan di Rumkit Tk II Putri Hijau Kesdam I/BB Medan Bulan Juni 2017

  • Lizabheta Yuliana Simanjuntak Universitas Methodist Indonesia
  • Donald F. Sitompul Universitas Methodist Indonesia
  • Rachmat Atmawidjaja Universitas Methodist Indonesia
Keywords: Anxiety, COPD, Outpatient


Background : Anxiety disorder is excessively tense or out of place characterized by feelings of worry, uncertainty, or fear. COPD patient generally complain of shortness of breath symptoms that tend to gain weight resulting in increased anxiety in COPD patient. This study aims to find anxiety description on COPD outpatient in Rumkit Tk II Putri Hijau Kesdam I/BB june 2017 Medan.

Methods : This research is a descriptive research  with Cross Sectional and use Consecutive Sampling formula by assessing anxiety image in COPD patient at Rumkit Tk II Putri Hijau Kesdam I/BB June 2017 Medan. Where samples obtained in this study as many as 35 people. Data retrieval technique using secondary data is data obtained from medical record and primary data received obtained from respondents through Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HARS) questionnaire.

Results : From the results of the study, it is knownthat the distribution of patient COPD outpatient in June who experienced anxiety based on age most are 46-55 years old with the number of 13 people (37,1%), based on the most gender is male with the number of 22 people (62,9%), based on the work of the group working with the number of 29 people (82,9%), based on education is SMA as many as 14 people (40%), and based on the level of anxiety most is the serious anxiety as much 18 people (51,4%).

Conclusion : Based on research that has been done can be concluded that anxiety can occur in COPD and still in accordance with the theory and research that has been done before.